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Welcome to my site on past lives, reincarnation and past life regression.

I created this website to share my ability as a past life visionary for those interested in past life exploration. I have been reading past lives professionally since 1994 and work with people who are interested in the idea of reincarnation and karma, and who want to look at their past to gain more insight and clarity into their present life experiences or relationships.

Many people have found that past life information is healing. By knowing the past life events that caused our emotions to be trapped, we are then free to let those emotions go, and move forward in more loving harmony. The knowledge of the past life event and the subsequent releasing of the emotion that follows, allows us to live more fully in the present. We also are not drawn to repeating the patterns of attracting unhealthy relationships that were based on the negative emotion we were holding on to.

I work with any questions you may have about yourself and your relationship with others or challenges that you may be facing and would like to transform, be they physical, emotional, relational, or spiritual.

With this site I give my personal view on my past life reading process and information on past life regression, and how readings differ from past life regressions. I also give an overview of my theory of reincarnation (and historical reference pointing to the reason that the idea of reincarnation is not accepted in Christian teachings), and how karma, both positive and negative, influences our present lives. I have included, as well, a few case examples of past life readings and some letters from clients whose past lives I have read.

Since another thing I do in this life is draw and paint, I've included my artwork throughout the site. You can click on the paintings for a larger view.

Thank you for visiting!

May the journey of your life bring peace and happiness to yourself and others.

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As ye sow, so shall ye reap.

~Jesus of Nazareth~

If you want to know your past life,
look into your present condition;
If you want to know your future life,
look at your present actions.



Questions about Past Lives and Reincarnation

pastlives-gif How does a past life reading differ a from past life regression?
pastlives-gif What is the purpose of the cycle of birth and rebirth, or reincarnation?
pastlives-gif Why is the practice of self-kindness or self-acceptance important on one's path?
pastlives-gif What is karma and how does it manifest?
pastlives.gif Why isn't the idea of reincarnation mentioned in the Bible or accepted in the Christian teachings?
pastlives-gif Why don't we remember our past lives?
pastlives-gif How did you first become aware that you are a visionary of past lives?

Positive Karma Prayer

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