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How did you first become aware that you are a visionary? What prompted you to be a reader of past lives?

In 1994, I began training with a teacher giving me exercises to go inside and open my center, so that I could become a channel for the voice and wisdom of a spirit guide. Moon and Sea Painting

As the weeks passed, instead of a guide coming through, I began seeing visions that didn't quite seem to make sense. My teacher was strongly affected by what I was seeing. She began asking questions relevant to her emotional issues. It soon became apparent that her questions were provoking my visions. It was her insight that first linked my visions to her past lives. As an experiment, she sent others to me and these people also resonated strongly with the information I was seeing for them. A couple of months later, a person I read for told me 10 years earlier a clairovoyant had related the same past life to him, with the same peculiar details. It was the first independent verification that my visions were of past lives.

Since that time,I have questioned many times the validity of looking into the past for people. At times I have wondered whether knowing the past can really have a positive effect in a person's life. I believe that it is more important to stay present with what the moment is presenting to us. Yet, it is hard for me to discount the usefulness of past life knowledge, when I witness the effect it has on people after they hear the past life event related to their question, and hear from them how they have processed the information: by opening to feeling the emotion of the event, letting it go through forgiveness, and allowing themselves the choice of coming from a more expansive place of love.

I have also seen some people, after hearing the past, make the choice to continue to be enmeshed in the emotion from the past. This was the case of a woman who was in an legal brawl with her ex-husband. I read a past life in which she held alot of resentment towards him and slowly poisoned him. After the reading, she told me she had bought some poison and was planning to poison, on that day, some trees he had just planted. I presented another option for her to work with her resentment. Although I don't know if she carried out her plan to poison the trees, I did hear later from her that she did not want to let go of her anger towards him. In a case such as this one, it is important for us not to judge the individual for the choice he or she makes.