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What is the purpose of reincarnation or rebirth?

The premise of reincarnation is that we will continue to take form, or reincarnate, as long as we live in the ignorance or delusion that we are separate from God. However, there are many great saints, masters, mystics and accomplished beings who, although they have merged their mind in total unity with God, choose to reincarnate on earth to help all beings become liberated also. They take a vow to continue to reincarnate until all beings are saved.

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There are many different paths to end the idea of the ego's separation; the three main paths are: surrender or devotion, also called bhakti yoga; the path of knowledge, called jnana yoga; and the path of service or work called karma yoga. In the end all of these paths arrive at the same place, which is union with God. But until we merge in God Consciousness, we come back to Earth in another reincarnation to continually work on perfecting our path.

Many people who have contacted me for a past life reading have stated that they want this life to be their last one. But why not instead, ask for the courage and the love to want to continue to reincarnate, to come back to Earth, until all beings are liberated and free from suffering? Perhaps, all we need to do is to have the intention, the prayer, to have this much love for all beings, and eventually it will become the truth of our hearts.

"There is no greater love than man lay down his life for another."

Jesus of Nazareth

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