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How We Can Create a Fortunate Rebirth

During the course of our lives, we may begin to question what determined either the good experiences, or difficult ones that we were born into, and that happen to us as our life unfolds. Truly, the quality of our lives is not an accident, but the result of our own karma from our former life. One way to overcome any negative karmic patterns, is to create good karma, which, in truth, is our best investment for our future. However, what most of us don't know, is that it is our state of mind at the time of our death that determines the quality of our next life.

At the time of death, it is essential to have no attachments to anything or anyone worldly, and to have a peaceful state of mind. A peaceful state of mind is all forgiving toward oneself and others, not wrought with agitated thoughts regarding anything or anyone, including ourselves and the life we just lived! So, it is good to ask ourselves daily if we would be in a peaceful state of mind if we died today. As it is taught in Tibetan Buddhism, "One doesn't know which will come first, tomorrow or one's next life, so practice everyday".

The peaceful mind at the time of death attracts by vibration, positive karma from many previous lifetimes, which affects the next life, or rebirth, to be positive. Conversely, the agitated mind, attracts negative karma from previous lifetimes, which will create a future life with many problems.

It is also taught that even the worst "sinners" can have a good rebirth, if at the time of death their mind is very very peaceful. If that kind of person feels deeply contrite, and feels the forgiveness and love of God when they die, then they become peaceful, which will help immensely for a fortunate rebirth.

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